Paolo Bellò's works

Having a full mastery of decorative techniques (trompe l'oeil, fake frames, stamping, wood imitations, marble and tapestries, tempera, gilding leaf, frescoes, graffiti, stucco decoration faux finishing with bas relief, grisaille, grotesque, wainscoting), Paolo Bellò designs and manufactures classic and modern wall decorations of interiors and exteriors.


On the costruction site, he moves on the wall, using the technique of dusting, drawings prepared in his lab and develops the work using the various techniques of mural decoration. It thus created, in different churches and homes, restoration, interior classic and modern wall décor, which are unique and personalized.
The interiors are painted according to the style that best suits the building and customer requirements.


Based on rigorous historical reconstructions, Paolo Bellò performs renewal and replicas of facades and exterior walls of buildings with decorative interventions. Colors and materials are realized in continuity with the constructive and original aesthetics. Thanks to an excellent knowledge of traditional materials (aggregates, binders, pigments), the preparation of the mortar is studied on the basis of the plaster to be restored and of the finishes such as the fresco, lime, casein, the graffiti, the faux finishing, the sponging.


In the design of a sundial, on the basis of specific requests, there are infinite possibilities for customization: zodiac signs, seasons, anniversaries, mottos.
In the implementation he uses a variety of techniques: graffiti, faux finishing, even on large surfaces fresco.


Some stuccos are made with the ancient technique of faux stucco bas-relief with a mixture of stone dust and lime.


In 1993 he opened in Solagna his laboratory, where he creates and restores art objects and, by combining the demands of customers with its creativity and experience, makes sketches and preparatory drawings in full scale. Before execution, these works are checked on-site with customers, who can have right away an idea of the final result.
In the workshop you can view a rich array of decorative panels, decorative stucco with marmorino bas, gilding objects and a varied photographic documentation of the work performed.


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