Born in Bassano del Grappa on 1963, since 1978 he worked in the craftmanship field and from 1987 on mural decoration and painting restoration.
He worked either in public and private sector in Italy and abroad and I did consulting to painting designers, interior designers, artisans and individuals.
At the European Center of Venice I attended many different courses for the architectural conservation and he worked for a decade with Professor Enio Verenini, joining him as lecturer in various courses in the province of Vicenza.
From 1997 to present, annually, he have taught several courses in the techniques for wall decoration.
From 2015 he participates in the International Art Exhibition SALON, founded in 1992 and recognized as the most important and significant international meeting of artists and decorative painters from many countries around the world, displaying their work every year in different cities (2015 in Lecce, 2016 in St. Petersburg, 2017 in New York).
Currently he's continuing to improve my skills on landscape design and the figure of the human body.

All his works were done by combining customer requirements with his experience and creativity. In this way each job is unique and customized.

Passion and love for an ancient craft, between craft skills and artistic creativity.


In 1993 he opened in Solagna his laboratory, where he creates and restores art objects and, by combining the demands of customers with its creativity and experience, makes sketches and preparatory drawings in full scale. Before execution, these works are checked on-site with customers, who can have right away an idea of the final result.
In the workshop you can view a rich array of decorative panels, decorative stucco with marmorino bas, gilding objects and a varied photographic documentation of the work performed.


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  • Via Ferracina, 65
    36020 Solagna (VI)